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LNG gasification and pressure adjustment

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Key words:LNG gasification and pressure adjustment

LNG gasification pressure regulator is a natural gas supply system for small and medium-sized enterprises and large and medium-sized public users. The LNG gasifier, LNG unloader supercharger, BOG heater, EAG heater, water bath type electricity Heater, valve, pressure regulator, flow meter, shut-off valve, safety relief valve, odorant and other primary components, to provide users with a secure supply of gas.
LNG gasification gasification, pressure regulation, and odorization process are integrated into one, and product planning can be provided according to user requirements to meet the different needs of users. The integrated process planning, transport facilities, beautiful appearance, small footprint, It is easy to maintain and is widely used for emergency gas supply, residential community gas supply and industrial user production gas supply. The entire gasification station except LNG storage tanks, all other functions are integrated in the skid seat, the entire system covers an area of small, the manufacturing cycle is short, the field device is convenient; the entire system of planning, manufacturing, testing, commissioning and after-sales service Completed by a professional team, it is reliable and convenient. The field device has a small amount of work, as long as the import and export pipeline connection and external electrical connection, convenient operation and maintenance, safe use, and can achieve remote control, on-site unattended.

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