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My country is in the period of natural gas development

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Key words:My country is in the period of natural gas development

From a global point of view, the IEA judged that the global natural gas resource is about 784 trillion cubic meters, and the natural gas resources are abundant, and the output shows a rapid upward trend. The areas where natural gas demand has grown faster are Asia, the United States, and the Middle East.
Judging from our country, in the past ten years, the natural gas industry in China has developed very rapidly. First, the country's adjustment of its energy structure has provided new opportunities for the development of natural gas. Second, the oil companies have increased the exploration and development of natural gas, and a series of exploration and development technologies have made breakthroughs and continued maturity, which has promoted the rapid development of the natural gas business.
The “Energy Development Strategic Action Plan (2014-2020)” of the State Council’s General Office clearly states that natural gas will account for 10% of China’s primary energy consumption by 2020, and will measure 4.8 billion tons of standard coal in terms of energy consumption. Natural gas consumption will To reach 360 billion cubic meters, vigorously develop natural gas in line with China's energy development trend. China's natural gas industry has experienced leaps and bounds in nearly 70 years and three phases. Its reserves and production have grown rapidly. It has now become the world’s sixth-largest producer of gas and has built natural gas production in the four major basins of Ordos, Tarim, Sichuan and South China Sea. pattern. China's natural gas resources have large potential, complex types, and are generally difficult to develop.
China's oil and natural gas reserves and production accounts for 70% of China's total natural gas, forming the four atmospheric regions of Changqing, Tarim, Southwest, and Qinghai. The four atmospheric regions accounted for 86% of China's total oil production. The types of natural gas reservoirs developed by CNPC are complex, including low-permeability tight gas reservoirs, high-pressure-condensate gas reservoirs, carbonate gas reservoirs, loose sandstone gas reservoirs, volcanic gas reservoirs, and high-sulfur gas reservoirs. The maturity of six types of complex gas reservoir development technologies and supporting technologies has laid the foundation for the development of China’s conventional gas reservoir technology. In the development mode, PetroChina has formed a unique concept of gas field development, and created various natural gas development models such as Kela 2, Sulige, Jingbian, Longwangmiao, and shale gas. China Petroleum also actively promotes the development of unconventional natural gas. Tight gas implements a low-cost strategy to achieve scale development. The Sulige gas field has led the development of tight gas in China. It is the largest natural gas field in China and also the first low-cost gas field in China. Shale gas has developed rapidly. The output will increase from 160 million cubic meters to 2.8 billion cubic meters in two years and will be an important area for natural gas production in the future. Coalbed methane also shows good prospects for development.
In general, China's oil and natural gas production will show a slow growth of conventional gas and a rapid development of unconventional gas. At the same time, China's oil and gas production is also facing certain challenges. After the discovery of the Longwangmiao Gas Field, a certain scale and new high quality gas reservoirs were discovered. The number of gas wells is small, the output of single wells is low, and the pressure to reduce costs is high. In the future work, on the one hand, we must continue to do a good job in the stable production of old gas fields and the production of unconventional gas; on the other hand, we must develop high-efficiency, low-cost development technologies and cost reduction technologies to achieve cost reduction and efficiency gains.
Source: China LNG Automobile Network

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