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LNG gasification station pressure regulating unloading truck operation procedures

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Key words:LNG gasification station pressure regulating unloading truck operation procedures
How unloading works
LNG from the LNG delivered by tank car or repository LNG liquefaction plant gasification station, unloading and boosted by a booster disposed within the gasifier gasification station, forming a pressure differential between the tank and an LNG storage tank, using this pressure difference in LNG tanker unloading station into the vaporizer reservoir. At the end of the unloading, the gas-phase natural gas in the tanker is recovered via the low-pressure vapor storage tank or the BOG system via the gas pipeline at the unloading station.
Discharging operation process
1. Pre-unloading inspection and preparation
(1) Guide the tanker to a designated position to park. The engine of the vehicle must be turned off, the total power of the vehicle must be cut off, the key of the tanker should be taken out, and the anti-skid block should be placed on the wheels of the tank.
(2) The static conductive device on the tanker is connected to the ground wire of the loading dock.
(3) Check the brakes and other facilities of the vehicle should be intact. The sealed state of each sealing surface should be intact and without leakage;
(4) After disassembling the loading and unloading hose connector cover, and connecting the hose to the liquid phase pipe of the tanker, open the bleeder valve and replace the air in the hose with the natural gas in the station and close the bleeder valve.
2. Normal unloading procedures
(1) Sweep the connecting hose with natural gas three to five times before unloading.
(2) Open the gas phase valve, liquid phase valve, and booster valve of the LNG tanker, open the top inlet valve of the tank and the BOG valve to depressurize or pressurize the gas phase according to the demand of the site, and the tanker step up to higher than the tank 0.2 When MPa, the small unloading platform liquid phase valve pre-cools the inlet pipe. When the pressure of the tanker rises to 0.65 MPa, the liquid phase valve is adjusted to be equal to the supercharging speed, and the unloading is started. The pressure is strictly prohibited. To 0.7MPa, and lower than the safety valve take-off pressure;
(3) During the unloading of the LNG gasification station, the driver and operator of the tanker should always be on site to check the leakage of the joints, observe the pressure and liquid level of the tanker and storage tanks, and ensure safety; observe the tanker level when the tanker remains When the fluid volume is less than 3 tons, the top inlet valve must be closed and the bottom inlet valve must be switched to prevent the gas pressure in the tank car from directly passing through the gas phase to enter the tank, causing the tank pressure to rise rapidly. After confirming that the liquid phase is unloaded, close the liquid outlet valve of the tanker and the bottom liquid inlet valve of the tank,check the pressure of the tanker, and then step down through the BOG system to about 0.15-0.3 MPa, and the unloading ends;

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