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After half month,the price of gas have a sudden drop while the LNG meet the new chance

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Key words:After half month,the price of gas have a sudden drop while the LNG meet the new chance

On January 11, the price of natural gas in North China fell to 5,400-5,500 yuan per ton, which was higher than that of 11,000 yuan per ton at the end of December 2017. 

In Xinjiang, where there is vast territory and vast territory, there is a large demand for transportation. A large number of materials such as resources and products rely on road transport, and the heavy truck market is maintained at about 20,000 vehicles per year. According to the data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, from January to November 2017, China's heavy truck market achieved cumulative sales of 1.0469 million vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 59%. 
With the initial relief of the domestic gas shortage, natural gas heavy trucks will also spend the winter and usher in the spring. 
More importantly, local governments such as Hebei and Shandong have started to increase investment in local LNG receiving station projects. “LNG receiving station projects below 2 million tons/year can be approved by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and the investment amount is at least dozens. Billion, so everyone is looking forward to it.” On January 11, an original senior executive of Hebei Xin'ao Group disclosed to reporters. 
Prior to this, Shandong Province announced that it plans to build 10 new LNG terminals in Shandong by 2030. Earlier, Hubei Energy (000883.SZ) stated that it is with the Zhoushan Municipal People's Government, Changlian Petroleum Holdings Co., Ltd., and Stewart Energy Group of Canada. Signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on the investment and construction of the Zhoushan LNG Terminal project and supporting projects.  
According to public statistics, as of November 2017, domestic natural gas production totaled 133.81 billion cubic meters, a year-on-year increase of 9.1%, of which total cumulative import of natural gas reached 75.464 billion cubic meters, a year-on-year increase of 24.93%.  
Accelerating LNG imports
The investment in the construction of LNG receiving stations is often at the cost of billions or even billions.  
In 2016, the Sinopec Wenzhou liquefaction LNG receiving station project was approved by the National Energy Administration. Its construction scale is to receive 3 million tons of LNG annually and the total investment of the project is approximately RMB 9.036 billion, mainly including a dedicated terminal for a reliable LNG carrier. 4 200,000 cubic meters of LNG storage tanks and pipelines and corresponding supporting facilities.  
The Zhoushan LNG receiving station of the New Austrian Group that was put into operation in June 2018 has achieved a total investment of several billions.  
Such a large project is what all local governments hope to obtain; the tension in natural gas supply and demand at the end of 2017 has also made the investment promotion of local governments such as Hebei and Shandong more positive. 
“Last November there were many LNG ships waiting to be unloaded on the North China Sea, but because there are only two or three LNG receiving stations in the region, it is not possible to quickly ease the tight supply and demand situation of natural gas.” The aforementioned senior officials of the New Austrian Plains admitted frankly. 
In response to this statement, Total Group’s representative in China Nu North Church agreed: “Total liquefied natural gas is not operating at full capacity and is still building new liquefied natural gas. However, due to the limited resources of the terminal, the company has no way to put more. Resources are sent to markets that have demand. The future should be able to alleviate such problems, but at present (LNG receiving stations) is indeed a reality we must face." 
In addition to Hebei, Shandong is also increasing its investment in LNG receiving stations. 
Longzhong Information Analyst Wang Hao said that since the Shandong provincial government announced the construction of 10 new LNG receiving stations, Rizhao, Yantai, Binzhou, Weihai, and Dongying have joined in, and they hope that companies will invest locally. They have expressed that they will introduce more support in terms of tax relief and preferential land prices. 
"What I know is that many people are talking about it, but there is not yet a real implementation project." She said frankly. 
Anxious Natural Gas Analyst Chen Yingying revealed that the construction of LNG receiving stations requires the approval of multiple departments, so it is difficult to approve. “Although the National Development and Reform Commission currently puts the approval requirements for LNG receiving stations below 2 million tons/year into the provincial government, it still needs multiple central government departments to review.” 
It is understood that only the Xin'ao Group's Zhoushan LNG receiving station and the Guanghui Energy Qidong LNG receiving station are private investment projects, which shows that it is difficult for the public to participate in the project. 
LNG heavy truck turns over? 
In 2017, the price of LNG in domestic gas stations doubled, making it difficult for natural gas heavy truck companies to bear. 
Sanmenxia, Henan Province is a well-known natural gas heavy truck concentration area, because the entire gas filling facilities are convenient. The heavy trucks here mostly run the Sanmenxia-Xinjiang special line, and go to Chengla to pull aluminum powder and coal. The return trip is from Gansu and Ningxia. Here, the natural gas heavy-duty truck replacement cycle is very short, usually eight months to two years to change the car, more than two years or sold to other places, or specifically to run short-haul lines such as Sanmenxia to Shaanxi. 
“In the past, the price of LNG plants was 3,000-4,000 yuan/ton, and the price of gas stations was 4,000 yuan/ton.” Some local sources in Henan revealed that, “But by the end of October, the prices of gas stations have been rising continuously. On December 20th, the price of the LNG plant has reached 11,000 yuan/ton, and the price of filling stations has reached 12,000 yuan/ton." 
However, because the construction of gas filling stations in Henan and Shanxi has been relatively complete, at the same time, gas prices will not always be so crazy. “As long as we return to normal levels, there will be markets for natural gas heavy trucks,” said the person familiar with the situation. 
Wang Haohao agrees with this statement. 
“China's natural gas supply has an off-season peak season and every April-October is the off-season. The price of gas stations must return to normal. With the acceleration of the construction of LNG receiving stations, China’s natural gas prices will also be in line with Japan, South Korea and other Far Eastern countries. Natural gas heavy truck companies will respond more calmly to the market, she said at the end. 

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