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Introduction of Several Common LNG Filling Stations

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Key words:Introduction of Several Common LNG Filling Stations

Fixed LNG refueling station
The stationary LNG refueling station lays the equipment inside the station on the ground. The LNG storage tank has a large volume (generally more than 50 cubic meters), covers an area of about 5-7 acres, and can be equipped with multiple refueling machines and can meet more requirements. LNG vehicle refueling, fixed LNG refueling station equipment plus land costs about 800-1000 million.
1. LNG refueling station
Stationary LNG refueling stations are relatively large-scale and are mainly used in heavy trucks with large numbers of vehicles and large-capacity heavy-duty trucks or inter-city buses in large cities. At present, various regions are constructing one after another. However, due to the country's lack of relevant standards and tedious approval procedures, the current distribution of stationary LNG filling stations is still relatively small.
Due to factors such as the size of the fixed station and the large investment, it is generally necessary to use more than 40 heavy-duty trucks at this stage to consider the establishment of the station.
2. L-CNG refueling station
The L-CNG refueling station is a dual-use refueling station that can both fill LNG and also recharge CNG. The overall performance is relatively strong. Since it only adds gas to CNG after gasification and compression of LNG, it has a higher cost and can fully exert its effectiveness in areas where LNG prices are relatively favorable and in larger cities.
Skid-mounted LNG filling station
The skid-mounted refueling station integrates storage tanks, various control devices, and dispensers on a fixed base, and the overall mobile station type is built. Skid-mounted LNG refueling stations only use LNG tankers to carry LNG as gas source. The overall size is small, and the total storage tank volume is generally not more than 50 cubic meters. The ground type can be simply fixed to the ground on the entire outfit. . In mobile mode, it is only necessary to mount the entire armor on a movable car. The armored gas station alone looks at about 2 million yuan in terms of equipment costs.
1, ground type armored LNG filling station
The skid-mounted LNG refueling station occupies a small area. Compared with the fixed gas station, it has a simple process flow, a short construction period, and a low investment. It is very suitable for transporting vehicles. The location of gas stations can be changed at any time according to market demand. The city is particularly suitable for planning and construction.
Due to the fact that there are no fixed stations that have large investments and cumbersome approvals, armoring stations are still dominant in many regions. Judging from the current practical application, in the case of limited venues or vehicles ranging from 10 to 40 stations, the form of station construction will be adopted.
2, mobile refueling vehicle
The mobile refueling vehicle is well understood. Simply put, the entire armored body is placed on a movable car, which is flexible and can be moved to a place where there is a need for refueling at any time. Mobile refueling vehicles have developed particularly rapidly around 2010, but their gas storage capacity is relatively small, and they are now mostly used in emergency situations.
This type of refueling method is mainly used in some areas where LNG demand is small or where there are no conditional conditions. For example, only vehicles with less than 10 vehicles can be used to solve the refueling problem.

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